Decision makers love video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time… and, if you do it right, it entertains them too.

The way you tell your story is what will make the difference…

Driftwood can provide support from the initial creation of concepts and ideas, right through the entire production process and finally through the marketing and distribution. Our range of skills and experience combine to provide you with a genuine 'one stop shop' that lightens your workload by providing you with one point of contact that will manage all aspects of your project whatever it is, big or small.

So, whether you're an international organization in need of an informative documentary as part of a new product launch, a festival or event organizer considering ‘Event TV’ or a small, local business simply needing a short video for your website, you will receive the same, uniquely personal service and of course benefit from the totally unique levels of experience that Driftwood have to share with you.

Still not convinced? Why not drop us a line and we will give you a quick call to answer your questions and maybe arrange to meet for a chat - the coffee is on us!


Presentation Capture

Presentation Capture is exactly what it says. Recording someone making a presentation and combining this in a video along with their presentation slides. This tends to be done in a conference situation in one or multiple rooms and the finished videos are usually for post event use. It may be for employees or delegates that were unable to attend on the day or perhaps to create revenue by selling the presentation videos online. However, it can also be carried out in your office or any other location to maybe create an instructional video... There are many applications.

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Event TV

On larger events the provision of Event TV opens up so many opportunities. Driftwood Creative can plan, manage and operate your own TV channel within the event.

The program feed can be as detailed and content rich as you want or, if you prefer, it can be a simple live feed. This feed can be streamed online, Fed to screens in and around the venue or simply recorded to deliver online post event. A channel like this can also provide commercial opportunities with the potential to sell advertising and offer sponsorship packages.


“Video informs and entertains people and… most people prefer to watch a video than read a page of text.”

— Lisa Lubin, Emmy Award Winning Video Consultant