“The answer is yes. Now… What’s the question?”


Driftwood Creative has it’s roots firmly set in video production. From straightforward camera operating and shooting, social media and online Web video through creative production with writing and storyboarding all the way to our specialised ‘Event TV’ services… Whatever you need in terms of video production, Driftwood Creative can help.

Real Estate

Photography and video for real estate is a very specialised medium and there are many variants when it comes to styles and technique. Add to this the other essential services such as floor plans and aerial imagery and you can see why we set up a division purely for real estate media production.


Our photographic services are an integral part of pretty much everything we do at Driftwood. Whether it’s a corporate shoot or photographing an event, stills to use in a video or a real estate shoot for DRM… Driftwood can put you in the picture!


Creative Design

Our Creative Services are extremely varied and range from simple design work for print such as logos, branding and marketing materials right through to websites, digital media, motion graphics, digital signage and website management. As with our other services, whatever we are creating for you whether it’s a quick flyer, a PowerPoint presentation, digital signage or a website… we have all the resources and skills needed… in-house.

Event Production

Driftwood, through it’s Creative Director Paul Andrew, has a long and successful track record in producing events quite literally worldwide. From small business presentations, conferences and award ceremonies through to international product launches and trade shows… Driftwood can help with as much, or as little, as you require. Whether it’s simply organising the technical equipment needed or planning and running the entire event.


Shooting on location in Liverpool, UK

We were commissioned (through our UK sister company) by the city’s rail authority to shoot a short film educating children around travelling on the rail network.